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Mark Denton

Mark has been a Partner of a famous ad agency and the Owner of a design company. He’s launched a magazine, re-launched Creative Circle (Britain’s oldest advertising organization) and even staged the UK’s first ever World Championship Mexican Wrestling event! In short he has been an unstoppable creative force in the advertising industry for nearly 40 years.

Mark has directed winning work for Nike, Wrangler, Heineken, Levis, Greenpeace and many, many more, bringing his own inimitable style into advertising and commercials direction.

Mark’s recent projects include his first solo exhibition “Art Mart” at the Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch in July. The exhibition staged an eclectic portfolio of Mark’s work from photography to moving image, to sculpture and installation work. He has also launched a new magazine, opened his second theatre show “Curl up and Die”, shot a campaign for Crispin Porter, and an I newspaper campaign for Atomic London. 


Mark Denton

Mark Denton

An inspirational advertising legend, the creator of numerous award winning commercials, an eminent storyteller, a magazine publisher, and the producer of the UK’s first ever Mexican wrestling event.

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