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Dominic Cyriax

Dominic Cyriax is a television & commercial director best known for his cookery programmes and food advertising. Cyriax's work with Nigella Lawson has been amongst the most popular cookery programmes on UK television, and his work with top chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein and Gary Rhodes has helped define a directorial style unique and immediately recognisable.

Cyriax directed Lawson's first ever TV series, Nigella Bites and the show won an array of awards, including Television Broadcast of the Year at the Guild of Food Writers Awards and the two continue to work together. Cyriax also worked with Bill Granger, directing his first television series, Bill's Food, which screened in 24 countries.

Cyriax's commercial career has led him to work with some of the UK's biggest brands, including Pizza Hut, Asda, Sainsbury's, Flora and Marks & Spencer’s. Dominic also works in the States and recently collaborated with Mother and Burger King when he was asked to transform the way Burger King photographed their products.

"Every image dripped with luxury. It felt like cooking with Caravaggio. It wasn't just the colour and the texture. Even the sound seemed more intense. Everything was sensual, verging on sexual. And it's not Nigella who made it that way. It was the director, Dominic Cyriax."

The Sunday Times on Nigella's Christmas Kitchen.


Dominic Cyriax

Dominic Cyriax

Dominic has directed TV series for Gary Rhodes, Bill Granger and Nigella.

The Sunday Times said: "Every image dripped with luxury. It felt like cooking with Caravaggio".

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